30 May 2015

15 Breathtaking Places To Visit In Greece

1. Sveti Stefan in Budva

This is a beautiful resort located approximately 6 km southeast of Budva. This was formerly a village acquired by Yugoslav government. Later, it was turned into a upscale hotel. Sveti Stefan guarantees you a memorable holiday.

2. Paros in Aegean sea

Greece is popularly known for its beaches. Paros is situated in central Aegean. Paros was known for its fine white marble in past, but now it is a loved tourist spot. The ambiance looks so pure. Every thing in Paros will give you the feeling of complete peace.

3. Corfu island in Kerkira

This is one of the most incredible islands among many. Once you get here, you won't feel like leaving this place. There are several beaches in Corfu and you have all the possibilities of spending quality time.

4. Corinth canal in Corinth

Passing through the Corinth canal feels heavenly. It is 6.4 km in length and 21.4 metres wide. Corinth canal joins the Gulf of Corinth with the Saronic Gulf. Due to the narrowness, this canal is used only for tourism and not for any transportation purpose.

5. Mount Athos in Halkidiki

Mount Athos is listed in the world heritage site. This peninsula is situated in Northern Greece. One should acquire a special entrance permit to visit the site. You have to take a ferry boat to reach the place.

This holy mountain recharges every visitor with the vibrations of purity and serenity.

The place is governed by ''Holy Community''.

6. Giola Natural Pool in Thassos

You can have the best time with your loved ones here. This incredible pool carved in the rocks is one of the natural wonders in Greece.

7. Melissani Cave in Sami

This unique and stony lake is situated in the east coast of Kefalonia. It was discovered in 1951. The history of the cave is connected with unique geological phenomenon. The trip to Melissani cave can be full of adventures.

8. Tiny peninsula in Mykonos

This is probably the most romantic place on the earth. Visit Mykonos for a lovely experience with your partner!

9. Zakynthos beach in Ionian sea

This is hard to believe such a spectacular place exists on earth. Greece is blessed by number of beaches and this is the most beautiful one. Zakynthos is rich in natural beauty. It is surrounded by number of luxurious hotels, that will make your experience unforgettable.

10. Diros caves in Mani

This is an awesome adventurous site which is located approximately 12 miles south of Aeropolis. Travelers say that this is the best cave in Greece.

11. Santorini in Aegean sea

If you visit Greece, Santorini is the place you must not miss. There are many things to do here that can enhance your happiness. You will love watching the sunset. Thriving nightlife will make you excited and the place will give you an awesome feel.

This stunning view will take your breath away!

12. Ancient Port of Pythagoreion in Samos

Pythagorean is also registered in UNESCO World Heritage Site. This historical place contains ancient Greek and Roman monuments. The classical architectural structures in the area are so impressive.

13. Lake Plastira in Karditsa

Karditsa will leave you speechless with its amazing landscape. It is said that the place was once devastated by a major flood, later it was developed as a tourist spot.

14. Chania in Crete

Chania is enriched with the amazing scenaries and breathtaking views. It is a capital city of the regional unit. Chania offers you many inspirational places to visit including Museum of Typography.

15. Palace of Sissi in Corfu

The palace was built by Empress Elizabeth of Austria who was also known as Sisi. The palace was named after her. Corfu was her favorite vacation place and she always admired the culture of Greece. Sisi's palace includes the glimpses of Greece's language and culture.