07 February 2015

El Nido

El Nido Tour A - PhP1,200.00 per person
Beaches, Lagoons and Snorkeling Sites
The lagoons are believed to be caves which abound in the Palawan islands. It is likely that the roofs of the caves have collapsed millions of years ago resulting in the beautiful lagoons.

1. Small Lagoon

Through a crack between rocks and walled by towering marbles, the mystique small lagoon unveils itself. Perfect for small groups and those looking for privacy, it has a "private"? pool (smaller lagoon) in the innermost part. Enjoy the beauty of this place in your kayak.
Activities to Enjoy: kayaking, snorkeling

2. Big Lagoon

Enjoy the serene waters and lovely background while waiting for high noon when the sun lights the entire lagoon. Paddle through with your kayak to enjoy the scenery.
Activities to Enjoy: kayaking, snorkeling

3. Secret Lagoon

Seeking for something so hidden that you need to go through a small opening on a limestone wall by bending and twisting your body? If the reward will be seeing a crocodile-shaped limestone formation, swimming in a pool with shallow and deep areas and basking on the beauty so hidden it is almost untouched, you certainly would want to. The secret lagoon offers this serene environment. If you want to go snorkeling, the nearby reef with deep emerald water is the best place to go to see sea turtles.
Activities to Enjoy: swimming, sun bathing at the nearby beach, snorkeling in the nearby reef

4. Shimizu Island

The island is named after a Japanese member of the Miniloc Resort exploration team. He accidentally died during the exploration of an underwater cave. The main attraction of Shimizu is a beautiful marine life that is found a couple of meters from the shore. Be amazed by the clams and school of fishes that make the island a perfect place for snorkeling. The corals around the island are spectacular and provide an awesome home for a variety of marine life. The beach is surrounded by limestone cliffs and not far, across the shore is a wonderful limestone islet.
The beach in the island is powdery white. It is a perfect picnic spot which tourists and locals enjoy so much during their visit.
Activities to Enjoy: swimming, snorkeling, sun bathing

5. Seven Commandos Beach

In the 1980's, a logger ship was stranded in this place. When the beach was abandoned a carving on the limestone wall that reads "Seven Commando"? was found by the locals where the beach is named after. It is the only island hopping destination that has a mini bar. It boasts of a beach that stretches to 200 meters. The sandy shore is perfect for sunbathing or beach games.
Activities to Enjoy: sun bathing, swimming, snorkeling.


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El Nido Tour B - PhP1,300.00 per person

Caves, Beaches and Snorkeling Sites
1. Entalula Beach

Entalula Beach is named after the original owner of the beach, Lola Enta. It is a very romantic place known for coconut trees, colorful marine life in its coral reef and a pristine beach.
Activities to Enjoy: Snorkeling, sun bathing and swimming

2. Snake Island

It is officially named as the Vigan Island but others refer to it as the Snake Island because of the natural sandspit or an S-shaped sandbar that snakes off the shores. The sandspit is visible when the tide is low and in either side, a shallow swimming can be enjoyed by tourists.
Activities to Enjoy: Swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, 5-minute hike to the island's view deck

3. Cudugnon Cave

This is an important anthropological site because some jewelry and pottery that dates back to the Sung Dynasty (960-1279 CE) were unearthed. It is believed by anthropologists that cave dwellers from Borneo travelled across the land bridges that connected Borneo and Palawan. The cave's crevices are inhabited by barn swallows and insectivorous bats.
To get to the main cavern, one must crawl through a hole which leads to a smaller cavern believed by archeologists to be a burial site during the Neolithic period. The cave also served as a camp site for Japanese soldiers during the Second World War.

4. Cathedral Cave

The cave is found at Pinasil Island and is known as such because of the catherdral-like cavern that is accessible by dinghy and kayak. It has a cool interior that is lit at certain times of the day by sunlight peeking through an opening at its peak. This is a very important site for the busyadors or those who gather bird's nests.

5. Pinagbuyutan Island

Pinagbuyutan Island means lover's island in the native dialect. It is among the striking islands because of the towering cliffs found in it. It is also considered among the best snorkeling sites.


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Free use of masks, snorkels and life-saving equipment
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El Nido Tour C - PhP1,400.00 per person

Hidden Beaches & Shrine
1. Helicopter Island

The island boasts of a beautiful white sand beach that stretches for 300 meters. It is a perfect place for picnic lunches with friends and family during island-hopping trips. It has an underwater tunnel at the northern side and a fringing reef on the southern end. The island is called as such because of the limestone cliffs that resemble the shape of a helicopter if viewed from the east side. When viewed above it would look like a ladle and when viewed from the West Philippine Sea, it will look like a slumbering whale.
Activities to Enjoy: Snorkeling, Sun Bathing

2. Hidden Beach

It is called so because it is hidden between two rocks. The lavish white sand beach is so hidden that you will not see it unless one goes further in between the stones. The shallow water that surrounds the beach extends to 100 meters and is best visited during high tide.
Activities to Enjoy: Snorkeling, sun bathing

3. Matinloc Island

The heart-shaped island of Matinloc is popularly known for a retreat house built by missionaries in 1982. It is formally known as the Shrine of Our Lady of Matinloc. The rock formations are similar to the Rock of Moises in Mount Sinai. The towering cliffs give a panoramic view of the Tapiutan Strait and the surrounding beaches.
Activities to Enjoy: Taking photos

4. Talisay Beach

This 100-meter beach strip of fine white sand is found in Matinloc Island. The sea floor that surrounds the beach slopes gradually so the water deepens only 10 meters far from the shore.
Activities to Enjoy: Snorkeling, sun bathing, swimming

5. Secret Beach

Found in Matinloc Island, the Secret Beach is a pocket of white sand beach situated at the corner of a sinkhole making it accessible only by boat. It is also surrounded by steep rock walls. For the visitors to reach it, they must swim through a narrow crevice in a rock wall. During noon, the sun streams through an opening which allows a play of light and shadow against the limestone walls. The beach floor abruptly drops. Legends have it that the beach was the inspiration of Alex Garland's novel, The Beach, allegedly written while the author was in El Nido. Take your underwater cameras when visiting Secret Beach!
Activities: Swimming, sun bathing

Hotel pick-up services
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Services of licensed tour guide/s
Free use of masks, snorkels and life-saving equipment
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