16 April 2014

Top 25 Destinations by Tripadvisor

1 Istanbul, Turkey
Europe and Asia meet in Istanbul, where breathtaking ancient architecture... more

2 Rome, Italy
Rome can’t be toured in a day, either. The city feels like the exhibit halls of... more

3 London, United Kingdom
The crown jewels, Buckingham Palace, Camden Market… In London, history collides... more

4 Beijing, China
Move over, Haussmann and l'Enfant. Beijing's urban planner beat you by a couple... more

5 Prague, Czech Republic
The bohemian allure and fairytale features of Prague make it a perfect... more

6Marrakech, Morocco
The “Red City” of Marrakesh is a magical place, brimming with markets, gardens,... more

7 Paris, France
Lingering over pain au chocolat in a sidewalk café, relaxing after a day of... more

8 Hanoi, Vietnam
The charming Vietnamese capital has aged well, preserving the Old Quarter,... more

9Siem Reap, Cambodia
When the morning light washes over the overgrown temples and ruins of Angkor... more

10Shanghai, China
The largest city in China is also its most cosmopolitan, offering visitors a... more

11Berlin, Germany
Berlin is an edgy city, from its fashion to its architecture to its charged... more

12 New York City, New York
You know New York City from film, TV and song. But visit it in person—for a... more

13Florence, Italy
Florence is an art historian’s dream. The Galleria dell'Accademia bursts with... more

14 Buenos Aires, Argentina
The birthplace of the tango is, like the dance itself, captivating, seductive... more

15 Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona feels a bit surreal – appropriate, since Salvador Dali spent time here... more

16 St. Petersburg, Russia
The second largest city in Russia, St. Petersburg is the country’s cultural... more

17 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai is a cosmopolitan oasis, a futuristic cityscape that towers over the... more

18 Chicago, Illinois
The windy city is a cornucopia of modern art, fine dining, cutting edge comedy,... more

19 Cape Town Central, South Africa
Cape Town glistens at the southern toe of the African continent. Tourist... more

20 Bangkok, Thailand
Golden palaces, floating markets, majestic porcelain-laid spires… is it a... more

21Budapest, Hungary
Over 15 million gallons of water bubble daily into Budapest's 118 springs and... more

22 Sydney, Australia
Sydney offers plenty of historical and contemporary Australian flavor. The... more

23 Lisbon, Portugal
The museums of Lisbon celebrate the rich history and culture of this Portuguese... more

24 Chiang Mai, Thailand
You could spend your whole Chiang Mai vacation exploring the famous Night... more

25 San Francisco, California
Every neighborhood in San Francisco has its own personality, from the hippie... more