03 July 2014

12 trips of a lifetime (Tripadvisor)

See the Northern Lights North Iceland, Iceland

"We stayed there for about an hour as we watched them dancing in the sky."

Sleep in an over-water bungalow Bora Bora, South Pacific
"The bungalows are beautiful... We certainly don't know how we'll be able to top this trip!"

"Venice is amazing, the Grand Canal is one OHHH AHHH after another... very relaxing, informative and romantic."

"Magic - just magic! You don't realize until you go, just how stunning this place is."

"You feel like part of the ancient history. The heat, the dust, the sun. The spirit of a long gone civilization."

"Just breathtaking views. The sights & experience was incredible. You can climb the uneven stairs up & down..."
See an awe-inspiring sunsetSantorini, Greece
"It's the perfect spot to enjoy the beautiful sunset, amazing volcano views in the Aegean Sea, peaceful ships..."

Dive into the Great Barrier ReefQueensland, Australia
"The deeper side of the reef was extremely beautiful... the sheer beauty of the coral is unimaginable."

"The gorillas came very close to us - one even pushed me aside to get past with her baby. It wasn't scary."

"Cappadocia is probably the best place on Earth for hot air ballooning... to the canyon and all the way up to the sky."

"The trip of a lifetime. Inca Trail was such an experience. 4 days of hiking... worth it when you see the view at the top."

"Maid of the Mist will make you feel alive... hear the thunder, feel the swells and pitches! A fantastic life long memory."